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Sheer Elbow-Length Gloves

Sheer Elbow-Length Gloves

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Hailing all gloves fans. These sheer elbow-length gloves may well be the sexiest gloves you will ever try. From fingertip to above the elbow, coating your arm in a gloriously soft, supple layer of spandex that is noticeably sheer. Crafted from our outstanding Sliktex Superfine spandex, the gloves are incredibly delicate, yet remarkably robust. With a powerful shine, and an excellent 4-way stretch, these gloves feel like an extension of your arm, just a lot more fashionable.

Can you possibly imagine a single outfit that is not elevated by adding elbow-length gloves? Wear them with a ball-gown to add power to the look. Or pair them with an AMORESY leotard to create a fabulous form-fitting style. Whether dressing smart or casual, sexy or sophisticated, these gloves will always make you stand out from the crowd.


  • Made with Sliktex Superfine, our amazing sheer spandex
  • 75% nylon / 25% spandex
  • Epic shine and glossy softness
  • Magnificent 4-way super-stretch
  • Extra-thin and see-through
  • SPF 40 UV protection from sunlight

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