Meet The Team

Team AMORESY is not just a company; we're a passionate community of spandex enthusiasts on a mission to revolutionize the way people embrace and incorporate spandex into their everyday lives. We believe that living life to the fullest means dressing to both look and feel fantastic, and we are convinced that spandex is the fashion of the future.

Our Shared Obsession

The members of Team AMORESY are a diverse mix of fashion enthusiasts, athletes, creatives, and everyday people from different backgrounds who have one thing in common: an unwavering love for spandex. It is the beating heart of our company. Being part of Team AMORESY is not just about the work, it is about fulfilling a shared dream. We want to make the most incredible spandex clothing we possibly can, and share it with the world.

We see spandex as a canvas waiting to be transformed. We adore the endless possibilities it offers in terms of design and creativity. That is why our designers at Team AMORESY are constantly pushing the boundaries of spandex fashion, creating the looks of the future. We will work tirelessly to continue bringing our creative vision to life, bringing you the spandex of your dreams.

Whenever you wear AMORESY clothing, remember that every single garment is testament to the devotion of our entire team. Each piece is designed and produced with such love and care, because we know and fully understand how important it is to wear sensational spandex. Every time you leave a review for us telling us how much you loved your clothes, it makes us so happy. It is extremely gratifying for us to know that we are fulfilling the desires of all you wonderful spandex aficionados from around the world.

The Spandex Revolution

For all of us at Team AMORESY, spandex is not just a fabric; it's a way of life and a means of self-expression. We believe that spandex deserves a place in every wardrobe, not only as gym wear or fancy dress costumes but as a versatile and stylish choice for literally any occasion. Gone are the days when spandex was confined to the gym or the pool. It is now a universal fashion statement that transcends gender boundaries.

We are starting a new spandex revolution, where we envision spandex becoming an integral part of everyone's daily attire. Whether going to work or doing some shopping, wear spandex! Whether going out to a restaurant or partying with friends, wear spandex! We will not be controlled by fear or inhibition, but rather we will live our lives to the very fullest. Join our revolution today. Say no to boring clothes; embrace the shine!

Thank you for being part of the AMORESY family and taking this journey with us. Together, we're redefining fashion, comfort, and confidence, one stretch at a time.