Spandex is one of the most magical, alluring materials the world has ever seen, capturing humanity's collective imagination. From the time we pulled on our very first spandex leggings, we were hooked. The amazing elastic stretch, the silky smooth feel, the body-hugging sleekness, the magnificent shine that catches the light and entrances the soul. This was the spark that triggered the creation of AMORESY.

We knew without question that spandex would be the fabric of the future. So we wanted to be part of that visionary journey. We were a very small team with a very big dream: To redefine people's expectations of spandex. To accomplish that, we set ourselves the challenge of developing the most advanced spandex the world had ever seen.

Our Obsession With Perfection

We got into the lab with some very clever boffins who helped us carefully examine every single element that made spandex so incredible. Then we started figuring out how we could make everything even better.

Stretch? Let's make it 4-way uber-stretch. Silky softness? Let's make it so soft, silken and slippery that it's like dipping your legs in liquid chocolate. Shininess? Let's make it shine like the sun and glow like a full moon. Supportive tightness? Let's make it embrace body contours so seamlessly that it becomes one with your skin.

We literally revamped every single part of spandex to make an entirely new fabric that is significantly better in every single way. Welcome to spandex 2.0. We call it Sliktex. It is the fabric used for every single product on the AMORESY website.

Our History

Team AMORESY started trading in 2019 with just three designs using our Sliktex spandex. We were absolutely blown away by the response from spandex enthusiasts globally. Our AMORESY product line just exploded into action and we could hardly keep pace with the immense demand from the worldwide spandex community.

We have been working tirelessly to bring new styles, designs and colors to our devoted customers. Our new AMORESY range now spans hundreds of items, and we are working every single day to bring you even more. We already sell in over 60 countries and we know that is still just the beginning.

The Future

Team AMORESY has some big and exciting plans for the future, for both Sliktex and the AMORESY brand. We can't reveal everything, but let us give you some tasters:

- Fabrics
We genuinely believe that Sliktex is the best spandex that has ever been created. It is revolutionary. But now we have even greater goals. We want to create different varieties of Sliktex that offer new characteristics. Think shinier, sexier, thinner, maybe even sheer. We have got some really awesome new Sliktex fabrics on the way, and we can't wait for you to try them.

- Styles
Almost any type of clothing is better when made from Sliktex. Our product line is going to cover every conceivable use for spandex, and then some. You will get Zentai suits, fancy dress costumes, elite sportswear, formal and fashion wear, underwear, and much more. Let us know if there is any particular type of spandexwear you would be interested in seeing, and we will be delighted to consider adding it to our range.

- Perception of spandex
In the past, spandex was associated only with exercise, sports or dancing. That perception has been constantly changing, and will continue to evolve further. Rather than encumber our daily lives with inflexible traditional materials, we envision a future where spandex plays a prominent role in everyday life. We want you to help us achieve that. Be bold, and keep wearing your spandex in new and inventive ways. Be one of the pioneers of the new age of clothing. That is our shared goal. We hope you will use your AMORESY clothing to bring that goal to life.

- Community
The more we see our fellow spandex enthusiasts living life to the full, the more it can inspire us. So we want to share that inspiration with the whole AMORESY family. How do you style your spandex? What do you pair your leggings with? What events do you wear your catsuit to? What activities have you used your AMORESY gear for? We would love to see your AMORESY-inspired outfits! Send your photos to and we will post as many as we can in our Style Inspiration page. This can give confidence and styling suggestions to all your fellow spandex enthusiasts.

Help Us to Grow

We sincerely believe that the best way to evolve and grow as a company is by listening to you, our loyal customers. So please talk to us. Let us know what you love about AMORESY, but also what you want to be adjusted or optimized. Tell us what new designs you want to see, or what extra features you want added. We treasure any and all feedback from you, and we promise to use your suggestions to help us keep growing as a company.

Thank you for supporting the AMORESY story so far. We love you all. Keep on shining!