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Scotti Thigh-High Stockings and Garter Belt

Scotti Thigh-High Stockings and Garter Belt

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With any good stockings and garter belt set, there should be an increasing level of interest the higher up the legs you are privileged to see. The Scotti stockings are a sizzling set, exquisitely soft and silky, and completely sheer. They are seamless all the way up to the thigh, and have a very strong level of shine, which catches the light easily. The stocking tops are designed from a fabulous plaid, which is also then the focal point of the upper garter belt.

As with all AMOTi items, these Scotti stockings are both breathtakingly delicate and astoundingly durable at the same time. They would pair with almost any dress or skirt you can imagine. The bolder you feel, the shorter the skirt should be. These stockings will imbue you with a powerful sense of sexiness and confidence. Use them wisely!


One size fits all

Height: 150 – 175cm

Weight: 45 – 70Kg


42% nylon / 58% spandex

Product Care

To keep your amazing AMOTi garments in great condition:

  • Wash by hand, not by machine
  • Dry on the line, not in the dryer
  • Do not iron
  • Do not dry clean

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