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Obscuriti Seamless Tights

Obscuriti Seamless Tights

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These gorgeous Obscuriti tights from the esteemed AMOTi collection feature a classic sheer leg section that is exquisitely thin, soft and luxurious. Then the top transforms into a slightly darker gradient. This serves the triple purpose of reinforcing the tights, offering extra comfort to the posterior and also adds an element of visual interest to those fortunate enough to see that far up.

While all AMOTi tights are both delicate and durable, these wonderful Obscuriti tights push this concept to the very limit, merging ultra-fine delicate materials with powerful resilience and strength. With that darker gradient on the top, could you even get away with going commando...?


One size fits all

Height: 150 – 175cm

Weight: 45 – 70Kg


59% nylon / 41% spandex

Product Care

To keep your amazing AMOTi garments in great condition:

  • Wash by hand, not by machine
  • Dry on the line, not in the dryer
  • Do not iron
  • Do not dry clean

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