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Elevati Ultra-thin Seamless Tights

Elevati Ultra-thin Seamless Tights

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We all love tights that have style features or areas of interest. These Elevati tights have beautiful sheer legs, rising into a shaped waistband. From below they are high-end AMOTi tights, soft and luxurious, adding allure to any outfit. At the top, they can peek out above the waistline, hinting at what lies below.

High quality tights really transform an ensemble, and these Elevati tights will certainly elevate your look.


One size fits all

Height: 150 – 175cm

Weight: 45 – 70Kg


73% nylon / 27% spandex

Product Care

To keep your amazing AMOTi garments in great condition:

  • Wash by hand, not by machine
  • Dry on the line, not in the dryer
  • Do not iron
  • Do not dry clean

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