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Elara Series Sleeveless Catsuit

Elara Series Sleeveless Catsuit

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The Elara Catsuit is the style of choice for those who wish to leave their arms exposed. Whether to highlight tattoos, to wear long gloves, or just for the look. The rest of the body, from neck to ankle is coated in our heavenly Sliktex Classic spandex, which is deliciously soft and silky, with an incredible shininess and stretchiness. The AMORESY production standards are very exacting, so you can feel confident, knowing the catsuit will endure any physical activity.

We would recommend the Elara Catsuit as a superb choice for Spring/Summer attire. You could wear it with a simple top to showcase the legs, or just wear it alone as a statement piece. Why not add some knee-high boots to really up the ante? Spandex catsuits are just effortlessly stylish and sexy, so there are a thousand ways to accessorize them and they will still look sensational. Add some sizzle to your day with an AMORESY catsuit.


  • Made with Sliktex, our revolutionary spandex
  • 75% nylon / 25% spandex
  • Epic shine and glossy softness
  • Magnificent 4-way super-stretch
  • Extra-thin, hugs your body beautifully
  • Rear zip for ease of entry
  • SPF 50 UV protection from sunlight

Size Chart

Size Height (cm) Weight (kg)
M 150-165 40-60
L 160-170 50-65
XL 165-175 60-80
XXL 170-185 75-90
XXXL 180-190 85-100

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