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Athena Catsuit - Classic Colors

Athena Catsuit - Classic Colors

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The Athena Catsuit is one of our all-time classic bestsellers. It just coats the body from neck to toe in sensational, silky smooth spandex which is ultra-thin and with just a hint of sheerness adding intrigue and sexiness. Created with love to meet the exceedingly high AMORESY production standards, it is remarkably resilient, allowing you to get up to all sorts of activities with confidence. The Athena catsuit features a rear-zip, turtleneck, with exposed hands and covered feet. The seam-shaping creates additional design detailing that enhances the figure.

We are currently entering another spandex revolution, where skin-tight, super shiny attire is being worn in all possible areas of life. People are wearing spandex for a night on the town, for going to parties, for dinner at a friend's house, for an evening at the movies, for going to the supermarket, even for going to the beach sporting a super cool, sun-safe summer wetsuit. Spandex is exploding in popularity right now, and for good reason, because it shows off the beautiful shape of your body. Add more joy and spice into your life, and join the shiny revolution in style with this gorgeous catsuit.

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  • Made with Sliktex, our revolutionary spandex
  • 75% nylon / 25% spandex
  • Epic shine and glossy softness
  • Magnificent 4-way super-stretch
  • Extra-thin, hugs your body beautifully
  • Rear zip for ease of entry
  • SPF 50 UV protection from sunlight

Size Chart

Size Height (cm) Weight (kg)
M 150-165 40-60
L 160-170 50-65
XL 165-175 60-80
XXL 170-185 75-90
XXXL 180-190 85-100

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