Launching Sliktex Superfine!

Launching Sliktex Superfine!

Here at AMORESY, we know how important it is to wear spandex that makes you feel incredible. So we have been working tirelessly to develop a sensational new fabric for our loyal customers to enjoy. We wanted to take everything that made our classic Sliktex spandex so awesome, and just make it thinner, shinier and sexier. The result is more perfect than we dared dream of. It is our enormous pleasure to introduce: Sliktex Superfine

Oh man, we are so excited about our new spandex! Sliktex Superfine has the same material ratio of 75% nylon to 25% spandex, but is an astonishing 30% thinner than our regular Sliktex fabric. This ultra-thin delicacy makes it even softer and smoother than ever before. That added with the incredible 4-way stretch gives the truest possible feeling of being encased in a second skin, a gossamer-light fabric that seems to genuinely blend into your body.

Even more exciting is the sheer nature of Sliktex Superfine. Our classic spandex has always had a subtle transparency, especially with the lighter colors, but now it is even more see-through. This allows you to show off your beautiful body even more easily, whether sporting funky underwear underneath...or not.

Not forgetting the practical side of things, our new fabric is color-fast in all types of water, it has an impressive SPF 40 UV protection from sunlight, it is still really durable, and of course it is moisture-wicking and breathable, making it perfect as both activewear and fashion attire.


Sliktex Superfine is also the shiniest, glossiest spandex we have ever seen. It shimmers and shines with a breathtaking radiance, especially under sunlight. When combining the seductive sheerness, the silky smooth stretch that hugs the body, and the epic shine, you know for sure that anyone wearing Sliktex Superfine is going to be the absolute center of attention at all times.

The reason we are so excited about our new fabric is simply that we adore wearing the very best spandex, and we are so happy to see our AMORESY family enjoying the results of our hard work. We will be releasing a number of new and existing styles in our new Sliktex Superfine spandex in the coming weeks and months, so keep an eye out for our new arrivals. Have immense fun, our lovely Amoresians!